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Expert photo restoration services to bring your treasured memories back to life. From faded photographs to damaged prints, I can restore your images back to their original condition.
Basic image restoration -

This includes sun damage, minor blemishes, small tears and dust -

$10 CAD

Major image restoration -

This includes large tears, missing parts of images and everything included from the basic restoration -

$50 CAD

Colourisation -

Simple image (Low detail, 1-2 Subjects Max) -

$15 CAD

Detailed image (Multiple subjects, detailed background requirements)-

$50-$100 CAD

Scanning for submission -

Images should be scanned at a resolution of at least 300 DPI when possible and saved as a TIF file. This allows for me to pull more detail out of an image.

Submission -

Please upload all images to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Submit images along with a description of what you would like done via the contact form below.

Payment -

Payments can currently only be made via Paypal or Crypto.

A watermarked version of the final product will be sent to you for your approval before payment, when payment is provided you will be sent the non watermarked version.

Payment is not expected until after the work is completed.

Privacy Policy:

Commissioned restorations are between restorer and client only.

No commission will be publicly posted without the express consent of the client.


Thanks for submitting!

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